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From each of the employers that support the MTO program by providing an employment opportunity, we request at least one full-time, minimum wage, eight-week summer job placement. We ask that each placement provides an on-site supervisor or supervision team to provide day-to-day support for the youth as well as employment coaching.

Positions that fit with this program generally are entry-level in nature and may include administration, reception, research, and general office work.


The average out-of-pocket rate would be $490/week for an eight-week period, with the overall cost for employers participating in the program being roughly $3,900. The placements would begin the Monday or Tuesday after Canada Day (depending on your organization’s holiday).

We hope that upon completion of the program each employer will participate in our program evaluation to inform the growth and future success of the MTO program.

The Matching Process

The MTO team takes care to learn about each participant and their strengths, interests and professional goals. Once the MTO team has received confirmation from interested employers, the team will seek out details about the organization and the duties associated with the summer placement. The team diligently matches students with participating organizations based upon expectations of the role and the student's aptitudes and interests in order to ensure that the placement is mutually rewarding and successful.  

At the beginning of June, employers will be invited to interview the young person with whom they've been matched so that both the employer and youth can learn more about one another, the youth can gain valuable interview skills and confirm that the matching will be a good fit for everyone involved.

"OPTrust is a proud participant of the Moving Towards Opportunity summer employment program for high school students.  MTO  made it simple and easy for us to participate in the program and they took care of matching the student with the employer.  Our employees were also proud to be associated with the program and were highly supportive of the student throughout her time with us.  Overall, we found it to be a win-win."

Fiona, Employer, Cohort 1

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